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04/22/18 01:14 PM #1    

Kari Paulson (Linton)

Hey fellow classmates!!!! Looking forward to our 20th next year!!!! Been doing some thinking and leaning toward a weekend at Wallowa Lake in July! Thoughts?


04/23/18 10:23 AM #2    

Robert Kevan

Kari, your idea sounds great! Let us know how we can help.

04/23/18 10:25 AM #3    

Cory Miller

Where would we go to have space for all of our beautiful 99ers? The park at the lake is pretty popular in July. I guess it depends on the turnout.

04/23/18 12:03 PM #4    

Kim Crawford (Miller)

I love camping, but I have to wonder if that will be difficult for some people who are traveling to pull off. I would hate for that to be the reason that some people don't attend.

04/24/18 01:43 PM #5    

Christopher Warren

Pretty sure I'm in, though Wallowa Lake is fairly remote. Particularly with regard to childcare options, making it difficult to shift between daytime family mode & evening friend socializing. Given a choice, I'd prefer to keep it local to La Grande.

04/25/18 11:24 AM #6    

Kari Paulson (Linton)

I would hope that having over a year to work out details would be a good time frame for everyone that would want to attend to get plans together. As far as childcare goes, I cannot speak to what everyone will be doing and I think that each family would work that out. As far as a place to gather, I will be looking into it further and seeing if we can reserve an area or something.

04/26/18 10:25 AM #7    

Cory Miller

I agree with Chris. We (Kim and I) have zero childcare options for Wallowa county so we would not be able to enjoy the adult parts of the reunion. Most of the grandparents are still around LG which would make evening party time doable.

04/26/18 12:04 PM #8    


Jeff Clark

Hi guys,

Wallowa Lake would be fun and easy for us LaGranders, but I'm sure it would limit overall attendance to the party for the out of towners. I'm down to support whatever we choose, but we could do a nice big party up at the far side of Morgan Lake as a secondary option closer to LG. 

04/27/18 10:48 AM #9    

Kari Paulson (Linton)

The last couple days I've also thought about Morgan Lake as another option..... as I've said before...this is stillin the early stages of planning and everyone's thoughts willbe taken into consideration. Question about Morgan Lake.... can you get camping trailers up there? Its been a while since I've been up there. 

04/28/18 10:22 AM #10    

Cory Miller

I'm pretty sure we can get trailers up to Morgan. Also Kim and I have room for probably 10-15 RV's at our property. I just thought about something what about Pioneer Park. They do the Moonlight Tournament there and have tents and RV's maybe we could make our own fest

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