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06/24/08 08:48 PM #1    

Kari Paulson (Linton)

Welcome to the La Grande High School Class Of 1999 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

07/04/08 04:39 PM #2    

Kari Paulson (Linton)

Hey is there any favorite teachers or guests you would be wanting to invite that had an impact on you or our class? Please let me know so if so, I can start tracking them down. Thanks.

07/16/08 02:20 AM #3    

Amanda Moisio (Butler)

Darla Sunderman and Kyle McKinney and Mr. Nicholson. Would love to see them there. Please make sure Mr. Ass Grabber weirdo Keenan does not attend! Ha Ha Ha.

07/23/08 07:51 PM #4    

Adrianna Contreras

The teachers that I gave hell to were Senora Ettinger and Ms. Brain. Gotta love them and would love to see them.

07/29/08 03:50 PM #5    

Kari Paulson (Linton)

I'll see what I can do about inviting some teachers to the Saturday BBQ time. I think it would be fun to see some that were pretty involved with our class as well.

08/07/08 06:32 PM #6    

Elizabeth Holman (Hedgpeth)

I'd like to see Chels Rohan; Bruce Kevan; Ms Dowdy; and Ms Waldrop, Ms Young, Mr. Miller. There's one other but I can't remember his name.

08/09/08 05:49 PM #7    

Kari Paulson (Linton)

I'll do my best at getting a couple teachers to the BBQ. Thanks for your input and always open to more!

08/13/08 10:03 PM #8    

Amanda Church (Rieke)

Don't forget Mr. Howell and Mr. Frasier! And I think we all loved Mr. Casciato!

09/07/08 05:17 AM #9    

Jd Lester

Hey everyone!! I hope you are all well and I can't wait to see all of you!!

09/14/08 12:23 AM #10    

Brian Stave

Gotta go with Mr. Franklin. That guy cracked me up. He was also my cooperating teacher when I student taught at LHS.

09/30/08 09:51 AM #11    

Jason Munoz

Whoa!! Orv Goddard!! Coach, teacher, and all around awesome guy!! This is going to be a blast!!

10/06/08 11:04 AM #12    

Evita Guiteau (Lopez)

I really want to see Mrs. Rodriguez. She will always be my favorite. I tried to take as many of her classes as possible.

11/07/08 10:12 PM #13    

Rachel McCall

Everybody pretty much named all the teachers I even remember!! I'm just excited to see people I haven't seen in a decade!

01/07/09 04:13 PM #14    

Kari Paulson (Linton)

Hey ya'll...I'll see what I can do with the teachers and tracking them down! Whoever ends up coming it should be a great time!

04/17/09 01:16 AM #15    

Tami Skendzel

Hey! So does any body know exactly what is planned for this reunion??? I would assume that people are so hesitant to send in their money because they don't know what it will be used for! :)
A little more insight would be nice - i.e.: Location, what is covered with the money (drinks, food, etc), activities planned.
Thanks for any input you can offer!
~Tami Skendzel

05/23/09 04:02 PM #16    

Christine Mino

How about Mr. Springer...he did FBLA and accounting and was a frickin' riot...Anyway, to get in touch with him???

03/21/10 04:19 PM #17    

Cory Miller

Hey everyone!!! Now that the 10 year reunion has started to fade from our minds, I was thinking about opening up suggestions for an informal 15 year get together, trip or whatever. So message forum away....

03/21/10 04:25 PM #18    

Christopher Warren

Informal sounds good for a 15. Opt-in.

Could be destination (Name your city, theme park, campground) or event (Cruise, rafting, paintball) driven.

07/13/10 12:34 PM #19    

Kari Paulson (Linton)

How about some camping at Wallowa Lake? 

09/21/10 06:58 PM #20    

Elizabeth Holman (Hedgpeth)

Camping at Wallowa lake could be fun. People could choose cabins, or camp sites. It would be fun for families and singles. I'm game. I also liked Chris's idea of a cruise. THAT sounds great. Ha ha.

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